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Commander's Guide (old manual)

This guide is work in progress and provided information that can be inaccurate or incomplete.


FarSpace is an on-line strategy game which takes place in the dangerous universe. You will become powerful commander of many stars, planets, and great fleets and will struggle for survival with other commanders.

To play FarSpace you will need a special client.



The time in the game is shown in the format day:hour. For example 2:12 means that it is 2nd day and 12th hour of the game. Time in the game is not synchronized with the real time.

During the workdays, the turn is processed every hour and during weekends turn is processed every even hour. Because of this, the game is slower during weekend.


You can found two basic types of the resources in the game:

  • general resources like biomatter, energy, and population, and
  • strategic resources like uranium and titanium.

General resources are needed by your economy and if there is shortage of these, the economy will be seriously affected. You will need to build structures to produce general resources.

Strategic resources are not needed by the economy and your empire can run without them. But when available, they will allow you to research special technologies and construct structures or ships that use them. This can give you the necessary advantage over you rival. To mine strategic resources you don't need to build any special structure - ownership of the planet is the only condition. When you own the planet with strategic resource available, you will get one piece of the resource every 6:00 turns.


To build something you will need to spend construction points. Construction points are produced in factories and cannot be stored - they must be spend immediately on some construction task or they will be lost.

Using the construction poinst you can complete:

  • structures - structure is a pernament thing on the planet's surface which performs some kind of service,
  • space ships - space ship is a vehicle which can fly from system to system and can perfrom several tasks, and
  • projects - project is a general task which in some way modifies state of the planet, ships on orbit or performs other different things.


To perform research you will need research points. Research points are produced in the research laboratories and cannot be stored (like construction points). From the very beginning you will have access to only few technologies, but more of them will be available later in the game. Availability of the new technologies depends on the already researched technologies and on the available strategic resources.

Already researched technology can be improved four times. Every improvement increases effectivity of the technology. For example when you improve the Factory, all Factories will be more efficient and will produce more construction points.

Space Objects

When you login, you will see a map with some objects displayed. The universe consists from the following objects:

  • stars,
  • planets, and
  • fleets.

Stars are the biggest objects in the game, but there is no use for them. More important are planets. Planets can hold population and structures and thus are very important for every commander. The more planets you hold, the more powerful you are.

Fleets are the only artificial objects you can find on the map. Fleet is group of the ships, which acts together and share commands and fuel.


Stars can be divided into several class marked B, A, F, G, K, and M. The class of the stars affects type of the planets which can orbit the star. Every star has its own, unique, name, which allows you to easily distinguish between them.

There is one special class of star named black hole - beware of them as they can be dangerous to your fleets.


Planet are very interesting objects and thus they are described by number of attributes. The following table describes all attributes and their meaning.

Attribute NamePossible ValuesMeaning
Planet TypeRock, Cold, Desert, Hostile, Marginal, Terrestrial, GaiaAffects maximal value of the Environment attribute.
Diameter1000 - 200 000Diameter of the planet. Diameter affects usable space of the planet.
Environment0 - 200Indicates level of the environment on the planet. 0 means lifeless planet, 100 is earth like planet and 200 is botanists dream. Affects effectivity of farms.
Environment Status0 - 1000Environment Status is affected by structures built on the planet's surface. When it drops below the zero, planet's environment will be decreased by one and Environment Status will be set 1000. When it raises above 1000, planet's environment will be raised by one and Environment Status will be set to 0.
Energy Abundance0 - 200Indicates level of the star's energy. This attribute determines how effective are solar power plants and also determines possible planet types.
Mineral Abundance0 - 200Indicates level of the planet's mineral resources. This attribute affects effectivity of factories and some types of power plants.
Available Space0 - 30Indicates number of free slots available for structures. Not all slots are available from the very beginning - you will need a special technology to access them.
Strategy ResourceNone, Uranium, Titanium, ...The name of the strategy resource the planet provides.

Advanced topics

This section covers advanced topics. If you are a novice player, you don't need to read it.

Planetary engineering

The following table specifies requirement for terraforming of the planets. If the Environment and Energy requirements for a higher grade planet are met that you can terraform the planet. For example if you have Rock type planet with Environment equal to 7 and Energy Abundance equal to 177, then you can terraform it into Desert type planet. But this will be the final stage of the development of this planet, because of the planet's surface is too hot - it's outside of energy interval for Hostile planet. Of course, you can manipulate planet's orbit to increase distance from the system's star to cold down the planet and continue with the development of the planet.

TypeEnvironmentEnergyTerraforms toComment
AsteroidNoneNoneN/ACan be converted to a Rock type planet
Gas GiantNoneNoneN/ACan be converted to a Rock type planet
Cold0 - 6NoneDesert 
Rock0 - 6NoneDesert 
Desert6 - 125 - 180Hostile 
Hostile12 - 2525 - 150Marginal 
Marginal25 - 7550 - 100Terrestrial 
Terrestrial75 - 12550 - 100Gaia 
Gaia125 - 20050 - 100N/A 

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