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General Hotkeys

Most dialogs allow the following hotkeys:

  • ESC: Close dialog
  • TAB: Cycle through text boxes

The following hotkeys are system wide:

  • F9: Update game state / request new messages
  • F12: Exit game

Starmap Hotkeys

Due to a gui bug, to use the starmap hotkeys, click on the starmap with the mouse first. Please note that all hotkeys are lowercase unless specified by "SHIFT".

The following hotkeys are used to control starmap position and size:

  • + or =: Zoom in
  • -: Zoom out
  • SPACE: Center at mouse

The following hotkeys control starmap displays:

  • CTRL-F: Open find dialog
  • CTRL-G: Toggle grid
  • CTRL-L: Toggle fleet lines
  • CTRL-M: Open overlay dialog
  • CTRL-R: Toggle redirect arrows
  • CTRL-S: Toggle scanner circles
  • CTRL-H: Toggle civilian ships
  • CTRL-N: Toggle gate networks (gate networks show only near-gate connections)
  • CTRL-P: Toggle player control areas
  • CTRL-0 through CTRL-9: Set object reference hotkey
  • SHIFT-0 through SHIFT-9: Focus on (locate) object
  • 0 through 9: Goto (activate) object

Dialog Access Keys

The following hotkeys accessible from the main game dialog only and activate items on the top menubar.

  • ALT-B: Open problems dialog
  • ALT-C: Open construction dialog
  • ALT-D: Open diplomacy dialog
  • ALT-F + A: Open fleet analysis dialog
  • ALT-F + F: Open fleet overview dialog
  • ALT-F + S: Open system overview dialog
  • ALT-M: Open messages dialog
  • ALT-N + F: Open find dialog
  • ALT-N + O: Open options dialog
  • ALT-N + Q: Quit game
  • ALT-N + S: Open statistics webpage
  • ALT-N + V: Save starmap
  • ALT-O: Open overview dialog
  • ALT-P + A: Open planet analysis dialog
  • ALT-P + P: Open planet overview dialog
  • ALT-R: Open research dialog

For ALT-F, ALT-N, and ALT-P use ESC to cancel the menu access.
(You must also release the ALT key before pressing the second key in a menu access).

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