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Understanding Game Interface Symbols

Starmap Symbols


Combat in progress

Planet/System Colors

The colors of the ships, planets (starmap), and of star systems (when zoomed out on the starmap) have meaning. They represent ownership by friendliness level. The lowest level of friendship is shown. These are the default colors, but can be overridden if you have set a custom color for a player.

Note: Enemy status does not mean you are at war. It only means that there has been at least one border skirmish. This often happens accidentally when players don't pay attention to their ship movements closely.



When hovering over a planet, it will display fueling in terms of X% [N% max]. This means it fuels at X%/turn up to a maxinum of N% of total fuel of the fleet. The following icons refer to the N% number:

0-11% max refueling
12-36% max refueling
37-61% max refueling
62-86% max refueling
87-100% max refueling
unknown refueling, but refueling facilities exist


When hovering over a planet, it will display "fleet speed" as a percent of base fleet speed. When moving between two planets with fleet speed bonuses your fleet will move at the lesser of those two bonuses. These following icons are a quick guide to speed bonuses:

101-199% of base fleet speed
200-299% of base fleet speed
300-399% of base fleet speed
400-499% of base fleet speed
500% of base fleet speed

Fleet Upgrading

Fleets can be upgraded at spaceports and spacedocks. Different structures give different upgrade speeds, plus upgrades are cumulative. You can hover over a system to see it's total upgrade points, or you can use the following quick-reference icons that are visible on the starmap:

Upgrade and Repair (low)
Upgrade and Repair (high)

Strategic Resources

All strategic resource planets are defended by planetary batteries, so use caution when attempting to capture them. Certain techs require strategic resources when researched and built.

Uranium (Ur)
Titanium (Ti)
Mutagen (must be produced)


Buoys are messages that are attached to systems by either you or your allies. The first buoy is displayed below the system. To see other buoys, click on the displayed buoy.

Your buoy only visible to you.
Your buoy visible to allies.
Your buoy visible to scanner share partners.
Allied buoy.
Multiple allied buoys.

Pirate Attack Zones

Pirate players can gain fame when they attack within their attack zones. There is a chance associated with every system that they will gain fame, and this percent is represented by symbols over a system. You can also view the percent by hovering over the system.

0-99% chance that a pirate will gain fame.
100% chance that a pirate will gain fame.

Star Systems

All systems have at least one habitable planet. M class stars are the most common and tend to have the worst selection of planets.

Black Hole (Dangerous)
Worm Hole
Class A, B or O star
Class F star
Class G star
Class K star
Class M star

System Display


On the starmap display, these are represented by small boxes. Inside a system display, the following graphics represent the planets:

Asteroids (uninhabitable)
Gas Giant (uninhabitable)
Cold (upgrades to Desert, Env: 0 to 6)
Rock (upgrades to Desert, Env: 0 to 6)
Desert (upgrades to Hostile, En range: 5 to 180, Env: 6 to 12)
Hostile (upgrades to Marginal, En range: 25-150, Env: 12 to 25)
Marginal (upgrades to Terrestrial, En range: 50 to 125, Env: 25 to 75)
Terrestial (upgrades to Gaia, En range: 50 to 100, Env: 75 to 125)
Gaia (upgrade limit, En range: 50 to 100, Env: 125 to 200)


See Structures and Projects.

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